Prefab Construction Site Buildings

IMC Group prefab construction site building solutions offer facilities with rapid manufacturing characteristics. We manufacture safe and quality construction site building solutions for many construction site projects from buildings construction to road construction, from pit sites to natural gas exploration sites.

Prefab Construction Site Buildings

Construction sites and camp buildings, which are indispensable for construction sites; It is preferred in areas where mobilization is important. In addition to the construction sites, it can be said that these options are also used in refugee camps and other camp areas where a large number of people live together.

Construction site projects prepared and manufactured at IMC Group production facilities and then delivered and assembled in the place of installation as ready to use by our team of experts within a short period of time. IMC Grup acts as a solution partner in ready to use construction site projects.

Apart from manufacturing construction site complexes, we offer different needs of a construction site such as ventilation units, dining hall equipment, bunks, and beds. We can list building solutions of IMC Group as follows: prefab and container construction site management offices, construction site offices, construction site dining halls, construction site worker camps, construction site dormitories, meeting and training halls, prayer rooms, lounges, and wc shower units.

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