Refugee Camp Container Shelters

IMC prefabrik can create accommodation solutions for a variety of settings including temporary housing during home renovations, individual portable shipping container cabins for holiday parks and full scale shipping container camps accommodate thousands of refugees.

Refugee Camp Container Shelters

Camp containers produced by IMC Prefabrik to meet various needs and expectations; are the most suitable solutions for camp buildings that are required at camp sites in construction, mining, oil and natural gas industries. Camp containers also include functions such as recreation area, dorm, dining hall, WC and shower for long term use.

Camp containers which can be designed according to the climate conditions of installation area can be safely used for many years thanks to their robustness. Camp containers which can be installed and uninstalled easily can be supported with roof attachments and technical hardware. Thus, two or three storey solutions can be offered depending on the project requirements.

Strong, durable and comfortable, IMC Prefabrik shipping container cabins are available in 20ft container and 40ft containers sizes, or can be combined to create larger buildings as required. The portability of shipping container cabin accommodation solutions mean that the buildings can easily be transported whilst the classic shape make the units easily stackable to create multi-storey solutions. The full steel structure of the accommodation container combined with internal insulation means that the building will be able to withstand even the harshest climates.

Usage Areas

  • • Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Flood, Volcano, Tsunami)
  • • Disease outbreaks (H1N1, H5N1, Avian Flu, Ebola, SARS)
  • • Industrial incidents (Oil spill, Nuclear, Fires, Biological)
  • • Humanitarian (Refugees, Crop failure)
  • • Security (Terrorism, Civil Insurrection, etc.)
  • • Religious, Sportive & Social Events (Pilgrimage, Sports Events, Grand Social Events, etc.)

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